About Us

At shiko.cc , we posts videos and blogs from all over the world. We try to follow the trends and cool stuff. Here you find collected data

We are a company created online . We provide streaming options and sharable  content with all users. We thought to bring to users a platform so they can share their video stories and bring their ideas to life.

Our mission is to make a nice website and good content so visitors comes and return to learn from our daily  posts and articles. We follow global trends and publish them in real time. Stay focused with us and learn more.

We need to think for the future in the moment we post something. Our web Shiko.cc is planning to brind to users android and iOS apps to bring to all our visitors a simple and creative UI at their hands.

We are here for all your questions:

  1. How to contact us
  2. How to work with us
  3. How to upload videos