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Immense Group is an Italian-Albanian company that has opened its activity in Albania on April 4, 2018 with a passion and vision that has not been missing since the first day and until today. Immense Group is always looking for innovations and bringing as many services that facilitate our lives and bring a great development to everybody’s social and economic life. The idea of ​​creating Immense has been well calculated to the smallest detail by its chairman who, with an insistence and dedication, is coming forward day by day before Immense.

Immense Group is a company that owns an e-commerce platform MARKETPLACE immenseplatform.com that unites many stores throughout Albania and Kosovo and deals with:

•  Online shopping
• Online Sale
• Advertising products
• Marketing assistance
• Building and creating websites
• Build pages with custom CMS
• Build applications
• Data entry service
• Call center service
• immenseplatform.com is available in: Android for the Play Store and IOS for the App Store

Immense Group owns a website from the most important themes in Albania that affects all generations, professions, preferences and many more: online sales, employment platform for everyone looking for a job, registration platform for all businesses for advertising different:


1. Merge all sellers from Albania, Kosovo and very soon the Balkans into a single e-commerce platform.
2. Continued expansion in the Balkan markets.

The mission of the company Immense Group is:
Respond to customer requirements and needs and at the same time respond to the needs and needs of retailers so that each party remains satisfied by our company.

Build long-term relationships with our clients by offering a wide range of competitive products as well as high standard services. Develop professionalism of our staff through various courses and participate in projects for developing management skills and leadership.
At immenseplatform.com retailers will have their online shop where they can sell, advertise, and update their bids to attract as many customers as possible.

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