Kylie Jenner criticized for face scrub products

Kylie Jenner’s new skin care line, Kylie Skin, has yet to drop but one of its products already has social media going nuts.

After the makeup mogul hyped her new walnut face scrub with a series of tweets and a video in which she declares it “gentle enough to use every day,” many took to Twitter to question the safety of the product’s ingredients.

What do the medical experts say?

Walnut scrubs can create tiny tears in the top layer of the skin that allow irritants and allergens to break through a layer essentially serving as “an armor,” said Dr. Adam Friedman, interim chair of the dermatology department at George Washington University.

“It’s our barrier to the outside world in many respects. By breaking that, you’re opening yourself to a whole host of problems,” he said. Scrubs can leave skin “tight and raw,” and inflamed skin can be susceptible to infection.

“You’re removing that protection from all the disgusting stuff in the world, including bacteria. There are a host of bad things that can certainly happen when you physically abrade the skin, which is what this would ultimately do,” Friedman said.

And that can happen with one use. Another problem with walnut powders is that their physical consistency can’t always be controlled, he said.

“What you don’t know is how finely ground the particles are. What is the shape of them? Are there any jagged edges? Are they large enough to cause any injury to the skin?” said Dr. Heather Summe, attending dermatologist at Northwell Health in New York. “It’s really hard to know without seeing or feeling it or knowing what the formulation.


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