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Tori and Kyle Breyer at Brightburn movie are a farm couple trying to have a child, but they cannot. This devastates them, especially Tori. A meteor falls from the sky near their farm with a baby inside. They decide to adopt him, naming him Brandon.

Years later, Brandon discovers that he has superhuman strength. That same night, Brandon sleepwalks to the farm’s basement, which contains the spaceship he arrived in. Tori stops and wakes him, with Brandon seemingly delirious. As Brandon ages, he grows more disobedient and disrespectful towards Tori and Kyle. To his parents’ surprise, Brandon chews and bends a fork with his teeth; Kyle begins to suspect that something is wrong with Brandon.

Tori finds strange and disturbing drawings, leading Kyle to talk with Brandon about puberty and girls. That night, Brandon goes to his classmate Caitlyn’s house, staring at her through a window until she notices him. The next night, Tori and Kyle discover that their chickens have been killed. Tori suggests that it was a wolf attack, but Kyle insists that Brandon is responsible. The next morning at school, students do a trust fall exercise but Brandon’s classmate does not catch him, calling him a pervert for spying on Caitlyn; Brandon breaks Caitlyn’s hand when she tries to lift him up. Later, Tori finds her son levitating above the open trapdoor containing the hidden spaceship, saying he has to “take the world”. Yesterday tailer 2019

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