Dark Phoenix Final Trailer (2019)

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Dark Phoenix Final Trailer (2019)

20th Century Fox has released the final trailer for the upcoming (and likely final) installment of its X-Men franchise.

The film is adapting the classic Dark Phoenix storyline, first published in the 1980s, in which mutant Jean Grey is struck by a solar flare and transformed, returning to earth as the Phoenix.

This new trailer twists what we’ve seen so far, showing how Jean struggles with her new abilities.

She returns home and deals with suspicion as she begins to realize that she’s changed. “When I lose control, bad things happen,” she says, but “it feels good.” It looks as though that leads to a showdown between the X-Men who want to save her, and Magneto who wants to eliminate her as a threat.

The merger will bring together the two sets of properties, which have famously been separated as Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken off.

What that future looks like remains to be seen, but it’s widely expected that the X-Men appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point. Hopefully, Dark Phoenix will be a good send-off for the series. X-Men: Dark Phoenix will hit theaters on June 7th.

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