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JOKER – Teaser Trailer

The first teaser trailer for Joker has been released online. Directed by Todd Phillips, the project is one of the more fascinating comic book films to hit the scene this year. While some fans remain skeptical of Joker’s prospects, others are excited by what it represents.

Joaquin Phoenix leads a talented ensemble as Arthur Fleck, the failed standup comedian who transforms into the Joker.

But now, moviegoers finally get a real taste of what to expect with the premiere of the long-awaited teaser trailer.

Arthur feels the world is becoming an increasingly cruel and crazy place which is the catalyst for him becoming the Joker. The trailer also lays the foundation for Arthur’s personal relationships by showing him interacting with his mother Penny. Going on what appears to be a date with Sophie Dumond. Phoenix promising to deliver an unhinged and captivating turn as the iconic villain. This, of course, is a character many have played before, and Phoenix will in all likelihood be up for the challenge of following their footsteps.

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